N de Novi – Black Edition

An iron hand in a velvet glove. All the power of Mas du Novi in a vermilion color with an exceptionally supple, light structure, like a petal of black dahlia. Made from a blend of 97% Syrah and 3% Viognier at very low yields, this cuvée is macerated and aged for a year in terracotta amphorae and stoneware jars, producing 3,000 bottles a year.

Technical data:

Grapes: Syrah 97% - Viognier 3%

Rendement : 15hl/ha for Syrah - 18hl/ha for Viognier

Method: Whole-grain maceration in terracotta amphoras and stoneware jars with hand-punching.

Aging: 12 months in amphora

15,5 %

Tasting notes:

"Deep-colored, full-bodied, complex, with a nose dominated by morello cherry and leather, this is a full-bodied wine, with a savory mouthfeel, sustained structure, fleshy, with these nuances of jammy black fruits." Dussert-Gerber Guide 2024